Entry Requirements For Sixth Form School A Level

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OldChestNuts | 09:46 Wed 09th Sep 2020 | Jobs & Education
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I am asking for an international friend that they wanted to send their children to study A level in UK sixth form school. Is this possible? They are aware that they need to cover the fees.
But the question is their children has been studying in their country without an end of year exam for year 5. So they don't have a GCSE equivalent.


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Hi -age 16 is classed in the UK as Year 10. What qualifications does your friends son have? The government use a list of 'equivalents' . I'm not sure if he could come to a State school here , but he may be accepted at a private school and in that case it would be best to see what is available and approach the school itself.
Age 14 - 15 is year 10, 15 - 16 is year 11 and 16+ is Sixth form (years 12 & 13).
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Thanks AuntPolly,
You probably right that State School won't accept him.
Will let my friend know that he need to look at private school ..
Thanks for your thoughts.
Oldchestnuts, sorry its year 12 your friends child would be going into .
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I forgot to mention that my friend, the child's parents will be working in the UK. So I wonder if their child can study at the state school.
If they can afford it I would look at private schools. Your friends know which area they are going to work in a quick phone call to the local 6th Form may give more information.
6th Form and Year 10 - those are terms used in England.

In Scotland its Primary 1 - 7 then S1 - S6.
oh it is more complicated than I thought

depends if the parents are EU or not
clearly that will change in the future but not tomorrow

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Entry Requirements For Sixth Form School A Level

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