What Is Research And How Is It Began?

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jaymark2020 | 13:34 Sun 23rd Aug 2020 | Jobs & Education
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For your own words, what do you mean by research?


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There's a certain delightful irony in asking other people to explain the meaning of "research" for you...

In my own words...

Research can be tedious at times but also very rewarding.
Your post is an example of research.
Any definition of research has to be distinct from merely reviewing what other people have said. You, as the researcher, need to have some input as well.

"This is what author A says... On the other hand, Author B says..." -- review.

"This is what author A says... On the other hand, Author B says... I agree with author A because of reasons C,D,E..." -- research.

The "reasons" need to be somehow primary, and stripped of subjectivity as far as is possible. In Humanities, that means primary evidence; in Sciences, that will mean your own experiments and/or theoretical calculations.

There's nothing wrong with a review exercise, ie an appreciation of what the various competing viewpoints on a topic are, but it still deserves to be treated distinctly from active research. It's as fundamental as the difference between being a bystander and a participant, or the difference between the audience and the actors.
My favourite quote is : To read one book is plagiarism, to read two books is research.
what level are you at?
amazingly the questions of what is research has been considered by their Lordships - yup the London court of appeal

Prof Walker Smith got caught up in the Wakefield MMR vaccine scandal and had his licence taken away for research misdemeanour
and then on appeal hasit given back

and on the way - their Lordships considered over 76 pages what was medical research and medical investigation
to say it once on AB makes it true
and to say it twice - er repeat it - makes it - gospel true. and written on tablets of stone
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research about to get complete knowledge about the matter. you can start it from the fundamentals of that topic.
I am somewhat surprised that dannyk13 didn't add a dictionary definition in his answer.

If he had it might have been as follows :-

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there has to be the idea of new data
and putting it into context

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Your question can already be a sample study, because in the end you will be able to get some statistics with the results.
Research is formalised curiosity - it is poking and prying where you shouldn't - with a purpose (Z. Hurston)

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What Is Research And How Is It Began?

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