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fatema | 08:22 Thu 30th Jul 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Hello, everyone, I hope you are all doing well. can someone proofread my Facebook post caption? Actually my company has Facebook live sessions with three universities in the month of August. and I want to share the schedule of live sessions with my audience.

so here is my post caption:

"Abc company presents yet another month of exciting Facebook live sessions with university1, university, and university3. If you have any questions regarding scholarships, courses, and visa-related matters, you can directly ask the experts. "

Thank you in advance.


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It all seems fine, fatema.
Sounds ok.
All good apart from 2 missing from 'university 2.'
Thats pretty much perfect....two tiny things to change if I may suggest? To me "yet another" implies "oh no not again" so I would take out the "yet"
The other is simply a word order thing. I would change "directly ask the experts" to "ask the experts directly"

I hope you are well?
Agree with Woofgang and might also change the word 'exciting' to 'informative'.
yes it's fine . but in case you want to change it you can write it as follows-
'abc company brings on another ____uni3. for your any kind of queries regarding scholarships, courses, and visa related matters attend the sessions and get your question answered directly from the experts.'

i hope it may give you some suggestions
Reeta, you'rs is worse than her's.
mexican and your apostrophe use is dire.
You're right,Woofgang!
Do’nt you mean your right, Mexican? Unless their both right...

You could borrow my de’gree of course.

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