Define And Discuss Socrates's 'Ethical Intellectualism.' ?

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Queen101 | 08:03 Mon 01st Jun 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Define and discuss Socrates's 'ethical intellectualism'. Do you believe that all people that do evil acts, do them out of ignorance and think what they are doing is good?


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// and including details of the context (what level course) //

I divine by the socratic method (ha!) that this is a course on ancient greek thought. no one looks at Socrates thought otherwise. I have never seen it as "ethical intellecualism" which means it is a term from your course and most of us ( no doing that course ) will be able to contribute

Socrates though comes to us ghro Plato

so - - - having done your lecturey bits
you then select a few evil acts - america brning after Floyd would be good
look at the policemens actions and motivtions FROM the actions
and look at the protesters motivaiton and actions

other recent evil acts - lockdown and fining people = compared to curfew and shooting people

incarcerating children in interment camps who have crossed the wall

people spreading covid compared to the doctor with ebola who flew to Freetown infected and took 500 people with him ( 500 died in the outbreak he was pt zero of)

Look I am not here to write your essay for you

and then - - with your well judged examples
you draw a conclusiong
which can go either way - ignroance or feeling of doing good
mozza it will have been defined on the course
so that is a bit of spade work the poster needs to do

if any mod thinks it is worth proof reading my cont please go ahead
I think there are some quite nice ideas lairking .....
oh and this is clearly - - I conclude - not O level or CSE
I don't know if Socrates or Plato mentioned it but I think that a big driver/explanation/mitigation is fear. The fear may be unfounded but its no less real.
Sheesh, and Donny thinks Twitter is abusing his free speech. Got nothing on AB..
Ha- mine went too, Mozz. I thought I was being constructive - wasn't a "do your own homework" answer, but hey ho
There's lots of stuff about Moral Intellectualism which I assume is very similar if not the same thing.
Find a good definition or two and talk through those. Find some examples past and present as PP says and discuss those.
I am puzzled by the question as doing them out of ignorance is not the same to me as doing it for moral/ethical reasons
oh dear and the two removed has the best answers!

I hope the mods dont pull the guts out of my Trump thread - roll up contribute whilst you can - - please

Ethical Intellectualism (or Socratic Intellectualism) is the ethical view that people will do what is right or best just as soon as they truly understand what is right or best. This is based on Socrates' view that virtue is a purely intellectual matter, also a key doctrine of the Stoic school of philosophy.


well - the cities burning
and then the leaders er leading and explaining that it is not the thing to do
and they stop

and you cd contrast Brexit
and the leaders leading and explaining this is a very bad idea
and the british people voting for it anyway
reform Homosexual and abortion
and re criminalising it in other coutnries
clearly a counter example
// doing them out of ignorance //
er that is the pre socratic phrase
and then socrates with his q and a format asks if they really want to do that
and having had a word with the pot bellied old soul - see that they should do the oppo having been argued out of ignorance

ignorance here is lack of knowledge and expertise of the socratic method

I mean it is a way of spending your days
but it doesnt make me want to do a lot of philosophy
as Gandhi (allegedly) said when asked about modern civilisation ""Yes, that would be a good idea."

assumes that the philosophers opinion on what is right actually is right and also that there are no overriding drivers.
gandhi - western civilisation innit
he was certain he was civilised and his way was better
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Define And Discuss Socrates's 'Ethical Intellectualism.' ?

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