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Kellyson21 | 10:51 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Change the word class of the underlined words, and then re-write the sentences.

1. Ghanaians undermine the danger of Coronavirus so they refuse to be in indoors
2. After the first case of Coronavirus, the authorities focused on the styling of their orders,
to encourage homestay.
3. From the 1990s there was criticism of the health sector due to the inefficiency of most
vehicles, which used petrol wastefully.


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Moderator's note:

Two points:
(a) we don't do people's homework for them here ; and
(b) the question is meaningless without the underlinings anyway!
You can't underline words on here
That's one problem with simply copying and pasting questions. Another problem is they sound abrupt and demanding without a please or thankyou. Far better to ask politely and perhaps give your own suggested answers
I don't mind helping people with homework (but prefer to steer them in right direction), but I would expect people to ask in a conversational way rather than just copy and dump a question which reads like an instruction

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