Boss Being A Complete *******

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Smowball | 18:27 Thu 11th Jul 2019 | Jobs & Education
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Teen Smow has been offered a fab new job here in London and handed his months notice in on 17th June, to leave on 17th July. His boss wasn’t happy and the chairman even less happy. They tried to persuade him to stay till 31 st July but he said no he couldn’t as he was staying the new job. Since then they’ve made it almost unbearable at work, making him stay late every single night.
His HR lady, who he gets on really well with called him in this afternoon and said look at this email. The chairman has emailed her today saying basically he knows that teen Smow is due to leave on 17th but do NOT let him. And if he does then stop his wages and withhold his P45 till the 31st.
Can he do that??


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What notice does his contract dictate?
Question Author
A months notice
His wages will stop anyway as from teh 17th- at least he won't accrue any more (unless there is oustanding holidays) but if he's normally paid at the end of the monthI'd expect them to leave his final payment until the payroll is run. As for witholding his p45 I am not sure that would be a problem- it's only to help sort out the tax aspects.
When I change jobs I usually surprise myself at working hard right to the end- it's in my nature and probably in your son's nature, to do the best job he can, but he needs to set boundaries- e.g. make sure he leaves at 6pm each night.
As for DO NON LET HIM leave on the 17th, they can't unless he didn't give the required notice, but even if he was due to leave later there is not much (there may be nothing) they could do about it
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I think it’s more the way his boss has worded the email - it comes across as spiteful.
Has he spoken to Acas?
If I were teen Smow I'd be tempted to phone in sick and stay sick until the 17th.
tell him to double check his contract.
What reason are they giving for making him stay late every night?
They cannot withhold his wages for work done.

Withholding his p45 isn't a problem.

As for not letting him leave on the 17th, what are they going to do? lock him in?
At least they can't give a nasty reference (apart from the fact it's not legal either) as he already has another job to go to.
Personally, I'd go with Tony's solution - much easier lol

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Boss Being A Complete *******

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