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fatema | 04:36 Thu 07th Dec 2017 | Jobs & Education
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Hello, i want to write an email to my client. I want to tell him that my boss is saying that he got your idea about mobile application, he saying if you are interested to make your mobile application through my company, so he may send you company proposal.
what should i write him?
Dear xyz,
I have discussed your points regrading mobile application with my boss, my boss saying that he got your idea that what you want in your mobile application, he saying that if you are interested that may he send you proposal or if you still want to know anything i can give you his email and mobile number so there you can talk with him in details.


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As I've mentioned before on your threads, Asian English has distinct differences to British English (primarily because Asian English tends to follow the patterns of Hindi, with very limited use of articles and pronouns). So what might be correct in an Asian English could still appear totally wrong in British English. Therefore you need to read any answers given here with caution, as they're only telling you what is correct here in Britain.

However here's how I'd amend your text:

I have spoken to my boss (Fred Bloggs) about the development of a propoed mobile application, which you referred to in your email/letter/phone call.

He suggests that, if you wish to proceed further, you should submit a formal application to our company in order that we can then respond with an appropriate proposal.

In the meantime, if you wish to discuss the matter further, please feel free to contact Fred directly, either by email ( or on his mobile number (01234 567 890).

You continue to amaze me Chris.

How on earth did you know their email and phone number?
Didn't you know Chris is a part time spy? :o}
One might need to check for typos rather than use verbatim.

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