Adult Wanting To Learn German.. Any Recommendations?

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EllieJP | 19:32 Sun 22nd Oct 2017 | Jobs & Education
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I’d ideally like something I can listen to on my phone.. or pc.. an app obviously I don’t mind paying! I’m not expecting it to be free if I intend to do it properly! All recommendations are welcome :)


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There are loads on line. I can't recommend any for you, unfortunately, as I haven't experienced any. I went to evening classes to learn German. I enjoyed that.
duolingo is a free website. I used it this year to learn a bit of Italian and found it good. Repeats until you score well, but you can move to other sections and return to revise. German grammar does need learning, so a basic phrase-book and dictionary would be a help
I did German in evening classes as well. Not sure which listening ones are best.
Just contact Talbot, he lives there half the time and none of us understand him for half the time as well....
I agree about the grammar, German grammar is a lot to learn. I learnt at school/college and a bit higher so I don't know about audio courses and such but once you get some basics learnt, you could always find something like a German radio station that you could listen to, something with a lot of talking, to immerse yourself in how it is actually spoken, rather than learning parrot fashion. You may not understand much at first but you may be surprised just how much you pick up. I put some suggestions for language learning on another post recently, as did others, if that is of any help?

There must be some German programmes which you can get with subtitles on. I can't think of any recent ones, it's been a while since I watched any, but hopefully someone on here can suggest something.
The BBC usually have good language programmes.
Hi, I have always found the Michel Thomas courses to be very good. Can often get them quite cheap from ebay. The BBC ones are also good and free. Really it is just finding a course that suits you. Rosetta Stone gets good reviews but I could never get on with it.

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Adult Wanting To Learn German.. Any Recommendations?

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