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j0nb0y | 13:37 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | Jobs & Education
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I was employed by my previous company for 10 years and have recently left because of what amounts to harassment by a new manager. I received my final salary payment last week, but a few days later I received a letter saying I have been over pay by £200.00. As I am currently not working, I am unwilling to pay it back in one go, I have agreed to pay it back monthly, Does anyone know if there is a minimum I can pay back each month? I am willing to pay the money back, but as at the moment, my need is greater than theirs, I need to pay back as little as possible each month, until I am in full time employment again.



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Did you not notice the over-payment when you first received it? If you did notice but turned a blind eye, you should really try to reimburse them as soon as you can.
If they take you to court the court would decide. They could look at your ability to pay and allow staged payments but i think they would not find it unreasonable for you to pay up in a pretty short period- it's not as if you'd had lots of time to spend the money before the error came to light.
Is £200 the gross or net figure?
The company may accept reoayment over 2-3 months but i think they would baulk at say 24 months
This happened to me and I paid it back at £1. 10 a month for some years...BUT I was still employed by them so they could take it from my wages....perhaps they would accept a standing order from your account. I did involve my union so, hoping that you are a union member, I would contact them for advice.
You are in a stronger position and as you say, your need is greater. Offer £1 per month and dont budge. See whether they are mean enough and happy to waste more than £200 by taking it any further. You have nothing to lose by being a bit awkward.
Why create extra problems for yourself? It's not yours so just pay it back. If your final salary had been right you wouldn't have had the extra - but you'd have managed. Good luck in your search for a new job.
I don't think there's a minimum amount. You are expected to pay back what is 'reasonable'. Given that you are not working I would say that £5 a month was OK but if you want to offer less, they may accept it rather than taking you to court over what to them is probably a trivial sum.
If you can afford it, pay it back, and get the effers out of your hair - you will sleep better, the stress will be lower and you can move on!
I assume you still have the money but feel you may need it to tide you over until you get work, so you see this windfall as a chance to help through a difficult patch. You could try making a small offer but overall it's not your money and if they press for a quick repayment I agree with DTC -pay back as much as you can so you put this behind you and move on rather than have a possible battle.
I doubt it but they may accept a one-off offer of say £120 or £150 - it's costing them to pursue you.......may be worth a try?
If you were under payed by the same amount, then chased them for it how would you feel if they said you can have it at a pound or two a month? I'd bet you wouldn't be too happy
Just pay it back and get it over and done with.
Pay up ..move on
fiction-factory, //you see this windfall as a chance to help through a difficult patch//

It's not a windfall. It's someone else's money.
Are you certain you have been overpaid? I would ask for a breakdown of the payments made to you and get a full explanation of why and how you have been overpaid. £200 is a round figure and would make me suspicious. Any tax or NI would need to be adjusted so it is unlikely to be a round sum.

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