I Need Quick Help Please!!!

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Lisa_Louise | 16:41 Thu 15th Sep 2016 | Jobs & Education
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Can you help please.... This is for a CV, I need this ASAP please!

How can I turn this into a proper sentence in MS Word so that I can get rid of the green line underneath? It's driving me up the wall !!

'A highly conversable team leader/supervisor that can bring a team together'

Thanks in advance !


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Lisa, it's not actually a sentence.

What are you trying to say? What do you mean by conversable?
" A team leader/supervisor that converses easily with a team to bring them together to face the tasks ahead."
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Ironically, someone that can converse at all levels, just can't find the right word or sentence though... The one thing on the CV!
^ who can converse easily.........may read better
NEVER use 'that' when referring to people.
Given that 'conversable' appears not to be in the OED, it might help us to know exactly what it is that you're trying to say!
^^^ Crossed posts

You should try to avoid using the same word ('team') twice in a sentence.

"A natural leader, with excellent communication skills, who can forge good relationships between team members", or similar, might be better.

Whatever you do, don't use 'people person'.
Can't help with the computer bit, but substitute 'who' for 'that'.
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Brilliant! Thanks for all your help.. I'm going with is I think.... ' A natural leader, with excellent communication skills, who can build a good relationship between team members'
How about: 'I am a good verbal communicator who, when acting as a leader/supervisor, can bring a team together for a common purpose'.
With, not between.
Best of luck Lisa.
Sorry to be a pedant, but that doesn't make sense...

It should be "A natural leader, with excellent communication skills, who can build good relationships between team members".

There can't be one relationship between multiple members of a team. Unless you mean between you and each member; if so, you need different wording.

Also, not sure you can build the relationships, but you could encourage your team members to build them.

Sorry, not helping. Good luck, I hate writing CVs!
Like your latest effort, but you still need a subject e.g 'I am a natural leader..'. A sentence must have a subject!
Between also refers to two. Any more and it should be among.
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Jourdain, it's part of the personal description at the top of the cv...

Lots of help, I'm all confused as to what to put now.....
^^^ Agreed, Jourdain2

I was assuming that the relevant text would appear in, say, a list headed "I am . . . ", and which would then list various qualities (such as the one we've been discussing plus, for example, "A quick thinker, who can respond rapidly to changes", and so on).

As you say, a subject needs to appear somewhere!
As jourdain2 surely knows, a subject can be understood, depending on context.
I said, ages ago, that it wasn't a sentence. :-)

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