Should I Amalgamate The Jobs On My Husbands Cv?

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Lisa_Louise | 10:10 Thu 19th May 2016 | Jobs & Education
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Hi all,

Wondering why my husband isn't getting anywhere with his job hunting, we've tweaked and tweaked his CV, there's only so much you can do!

Anyway, I was just going through it and as he has had several different roles in one company, should we amalgamate the jobs into one but sub header them in some way? Would this make it better for the employer to read or would it make it look less appealing?

His CV is just over 2 pages.


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I had a similar issue and I decided 'less is more' so combined some roles within the same company

The older the job the less important it is. A single one liner is probably all that is needed for the older ones that are still not old enough to leave off. They'll probably just be skimmed over anyway.

The sub-heading idea is probably useful, but add what is relevant to the position one is going for only. Keep brief, but show relevant skills/achievements.
just over 2 pages actually means 3 pages ! I was told a CV should be just 1 page, any more and it does not get read.
Put the last job in the company only the others in the same company are not relevant.
Less is more for a CV.
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Should I Amalgamate The Jobs On My Husbands Cv?

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