Kindly Help Me Solve The Career Confusion

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nilesh747 | 08:23 Wed 18th Nov 2015 | Jobs & Education
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I am getting a job as a sales co-ordinator in a chemical testing lab and offering 17000 as salary.

AND another job as a digital marketing trainee but salary is 15000. Where should i go for?

Which would be best as i am extremely confused.

Please guide.


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I would take the one that offers the best prospects for advancement
Factors include:

-ease of daily travel
-prospects for advancement in next 2 years, 5 years
- which would improve your CV most
-which one you are most suited to
- what's your boss like
I agree with f-f and danny about the other factors you should think about. It's also important to think about which you'd enjoy more.
Go for the sales co-ordinator chemical testing lab job not because of the money but because this sector is more specialized and probably easier to climb up the ladder.
go with the chem lab, you have a good chance of learning and advancing. Digital marketing has a chance but very hit and miss and prone to good fortune. With the former you can be more in control. The money amounts have no bearing on this.
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Go for digital marketing... I'm sure you will not regret your decision.
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