Operating Profit/loss Question. Please Help Me.

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Elena_W | 07:13 Sun 20th Sep 2015 | Jobs & Education
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Jim purchased a set of clubs for $500 less 40%, 16% and two thirds%. Expenses are 20% of regular selling price and the required profit is 17.5% of the regular selling price. The store decided to change the regular selling price so that it could offer a 36% discount without affecting its margin. At the end of season, the unsold sets were advertised at a discount of 54% of the regular new selling price. What operating profit or loss was realized on the sets sold at the end of the season?


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Duplicate post
..... and this post makes no more sense than the 1st one.

Elena, your first sentence doesn't make sense:

This bit is okay - //// Jim purchased a set of clubs for $500 less 40%, ////

Then the bit after makes no sense whatsoever - //// 16% and two thirds%. ////
Don't waste any more time on it- go back and check teh uestion.
Or work it out ignoring the 16% and two thirds bit, and then you maybe able to tweak your answer quickly once you find out the corrected version of the question.

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Operating Profit/loss Question. Please Help Me.

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