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Lisa_Louise | 13:12 Mon 19th Jan 2015 | Jobs & Education
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Hi, does anyone know of a decent remote working website (working from home). Data entry or anything computer orientated. I can't find anything, they all seem to be scams.


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The reason why they are scams is because the work doesn't really exist like this in the UK anymore. No doubt there will be a few exceptions.

Data entry work, and other computer work of this type (and I'm talking about transaction type computer work, not development of simple programmes, databases, macros, which requires some thinking) can easily be outsourced to places like India where qualified people will do it for a pittance. Certainly the UK minimum wage or less.

There ARE jobs like this in the UK, but they do not come via third party websites - they come from businesses and organisations knowing someone directly. They best way to access it is picking up the phone and cold-calling, but expect it to be a long haul / very miss-and-hit.
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Hi buildersmate, thanks for your reply.

I see what you are saying. I'm in a vicious cycle where I can't go out to work due to ill health, but I am not deemed disabled so I can't get any help with money. My husband works full time but is not bringing in enough for two adults and a 12 year old child to live comfortably, but the benefits office say he is earning over their threshold, and I have to sponge off him!

It does annoy me that some people who aren't entitled to help abuse the system and has now made it harder for people like me to genuinely claim what I SHOULD be entitled to!

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