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Leahbee5 | 16:49 Thu 20th Feb 2014 | Jobs & Education
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Solve the system of equations. Make sure to check your solution.

3x - 4y = -5

x = y + 2


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hello, you could have put them on one thread.
sure some maths bods can help.
Same solution method as was presented in one of your earlier questions. You should apply that answer to find y = 11, x = 13.
leahbee I was keen to help your answer by 4pm plea but this is now the 9th question you have started, presumably you are doing someone's homework?
She's 14 according to this...

So must assume its her own homework. She will learn little if others do it for her.
Leah, do your own homework.
if its Math, are you from the US.
You are right pasta plus I'd expect working to be shown, not just the straight final answers

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