How Can I Learn The Information For A Gcse On My Own? X

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princess412 | 20:09 Tue 18th Feb 2014 | Jobs & Education
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Right, I'm 14 and starting my GCSE's so how can I learn the information on my own bc my teachers don't give a damn about me and they don't care and I think they want me to fail.

They don't mark my homework properly or teach so I remember it they just say things once and don't answer any questions.

I'm doing 10 GCSEs which are:
science (triple- biology, chemistry and physics)
english( english literature and english language)
RE (# don't really care about this one)

So... yer I could be an A grade student and I know it sounds stupid to say they don't care but they honestly don't... probably because their students that do well are like me and try to learn it themselves so anyway do you have any tricks on how to learn this stuff on my own?

thanks x


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>"and I think they want me to fail."
I doubt very much that they want you to fail. They are judged by how well students do and every teacher I know wants to help everyone. Speak to your form tutor or individual teachers to tell them your feelings and what help you need. Your parents can raise it at parents' evening too.
You can do some on your own but you still need to attend classes and do your best in class. Ask the school to recommend some good workbooks and revision guides
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Well, I know they don't want me to fail but they're not trying hard to teach me or anyone else :(
Try BBC bitesize and see if your school gives work online. All of mine get a lot of online homework, there are also revision guides and tests. Ask your school for the details if they haven't already given them to you.
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So if I get the revision guides and stuff how much work should I do for each subject a day? Just one section or something... sorry I have too many questions :p x [just want to do well :)]
The open university has really good info and some free courses you can do.
Try here:
Have you spoken to your parents about this? I think it's great that you want to do your best and try to find other sources to help where you feel your teachers are failing, but the root of the problem need to be dealt with too.
Just 15-30 mins a day to consolidate or clarify whatever was covered in class. Don't overdo it- you need to enjoy other aspects of teenage life too.
That's 30 minutes a day in total- not per subject! Just go over things you were unsure about
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I do want to tell my parents but they will tell the school and as it's not just one subject I don't think the head teacher will do anything... can I do it anonymously somehow?
If what you say is correct, then whatever type of school you attend, publicly or privately funded, the teachers are not doing their jobs. This should be reported to the chair of the governing body and to the local authority adviser responsible for your school. Your parents or caregivers should also be involved in doing this.

A lasting tip for examination success: work smart, not just hard. Find out (online via examination board websites) as many examples of past papers as possible, make a judgement about what's likely to come up in exam, and make sure you cover that.

It's highly unlikely that teachers don't care about raising attainment grades as the school is officially measured according to its results.
Maybe you need to change your mind set? I find it hard to believe that all of your teachers are pants. Maybe you and your family could go into school and rather than be negative you could ask what you can do to get the maximum out of your GCSE courses?

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