Job hunting when you want to move to another part of the country?

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Hermia | 13:38 Tue 26th Jul 2005 | Jobs & Education
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Has anyone got any tips/stories they can share with me? Basically, I want to move to another part of the UK, but I've got to get a job before I go as I couldn't afford to pay months of rent without knowing if a job was on the horizon. [BTW, I couldn't just take any job as I'm in a profession where that would be frowned on]. I just wondered whether this would put some employers off. I have spoken to some managers I know and some said they wouldn't care that an applicant didn't currently live in the area. Others have said that they would 'cause they'd worry the person might end up wanting to go back home. I was advised to mention my reasons for moving on an application form which I've been doing. But I've sometimes got the impression at interviews that the interviewer does have concerns, but they never ask me about them. If anyone has any views/advice etc I'd be jolly grateful! (sorry, for rambling on BTW)


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I simply chose some relevant agancies (about 5 or 6 I think), sent out my c.v. with a covering letter, sat back and waited. If you can, specify an area that you'd most like to go to, as this will concentrate any replies into a small location. If you do then recieve multiple replies, then try to arrange to see them all over a day or two. The best indication of their eagerness to secure your services is whether or not they will pay your expenses for travel to the interview. It can be expensive for companies to relocate someone, but if they want you enough, then they have to pay. On your side, you need to be sure that you really want to do it. When I moved, the contract stated that any relocation expenses received would have to be payed back in full, should I leave the company within a specified time (6-12 months, can't remember).
what is your profession? Could you do contract/locum/agency work as a temp? That way if you do change your mind and want to go back 'home' you can and if not you have continuity to show prospective new employers.
I moved counties from Lancashire to Yorkshire (not that far I know) after I finished Uni and found it very hard. No one would let me have a house because I had no job and I got a feeling the employers were put off because I obviously had to move etc if they offered me employment. In the end I accepted a job as a sort of short term solution (I know you don't want to) and now a year on I'm back searching for my "career" jobs again. I don't really know what advice to give except don't give up!

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Job hunting when you want to move to another part of the country?

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