Can I Take Notes Into An Interview?

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TCoys28 | 00:31 Tue 22nd Jan 2013 | Jobs & Education
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I have a job interview in the morning and was just wondering if I could take notes in?
I just want to do a few bullet points on the company, a few one liners on how I would answer questions and what questions I want to ask.


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I don't see any problems with that. Very sensible idea.
Yes by all means, but make them neat and discrete. Maybe a small notebook or a couple of cards. Even a light folder with the job description and some info on the job which will disguise your notes. Whatever you do, no scruffy scraps of paper or pages and pages of stuff to rustle and flick through.
There's nothing to stop you. Just make sure that you seem to be using them as reference points (by an occasional quick glance) rather than reading directly from them. The former will make you look organised and well-prepared; the latter will make you look incapable of independent thought.
I would say don't do it. It would make you look unsure of yourself. study your notes but in the interview listen to the question and be spontaneous and not sticking to a predefined script. You will be judged by how you present yourself so don't walk in clutching notes if you want the job.
Yes, I interviewed many people when I was working. It showed me that candidates had taken the time to prepare for the process.
> what questions I want to ask

This is a sign of a good candidate. No problem taking these in.

> a few bullet points on the company

This is OK. Not great, but OK.

> a few one liners on how I would answer questions

No, that would not come across well.
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In one interview I had the HR people told me how good the job was,then asked if I had any questions,when do I start,they collapsed and offered me the job.
As the others have said keep your notes short and discreet, don't give the impression that you are obsessive by constantly referring to them, but the fact that you have prepared something shows initiative. Good Luck.

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Sure, why not. It demonstrates that you have done some thinking and some preparation.
yes, but as Buenchico says, don't ever look as if you're reading them out. Interviews are supposed to be a conversation rather than a lecture.
I have done a lot of interviewing, and I have to say that no candidate I have never interviewed came armed with notes. If s/he did, I'd be most impressed. One of the main things I look for is the fact that an applicant has done his/her homework and thoroughly understands the job and the employer.
A neat notebook would look particularly efficient, maybe with a pen clipped inside it.
Questions to ask is a good idea.

I'd be put off someone if they looked like they were reading from notes though and hadn't done enough research on the company (unless complex information, stats etc...) to be able to memorise it.
Question Author
Thanks for all your advice everyone.
I decided against taking notes, but I did write down questions to ask.

And now for the best bit...

...they offered me the job a few hours later :-)
Well done. I hope you enjoy your new post.
Well done, I'm glad your research paid off.
Excellent Tcoys! So pleased for you.
wow, good stuff
Oh congratulations

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