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jessicaharrower | 00:53 Sat 06th Oct 2012 | Jobs & Education
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iv just had a interview for an admin post at the NHS today,

Just wanting peoples experience with these interviews....mines only lasted 20 mins and at the end they never said when or how they would get intouch?

Is that a bad sign? I thought the interview went really well but it seemed awful short :(

Any info would be greatly appreciated,



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I've not gone though any interviews for the NHS but I've done plenty elsewhere. Unless the post is for something like Governor of the Bank of England, I'd defy any interviewer to learn anything more useful about a candidate in (say) an hour than they can in (at the very most) 10 minutes.

Perhaps you encountered one of the (very) few interviewers who actually know how to do their jobs efficiently? You might well have convinced him/her that you're an outstanding candidate within the first couple of minutes.

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nhs admin job interview info

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