can this hold me back?

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lozza12345678 | 14:46 Tue 18th Sep 2012 | Jobs & Education
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Iv applied and and been given a conditonal offer as an auxiliary nurse at the NHS city hospital, i have passed all the correct exams and refrencing, however its come to my crb check and my reprimand from 5 years ago for shop lifting has come up, will this stop me from getting the job?


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Do you mean a caution for shoplifting? I think they become 'spent' after a certain period of time.
Good luck with your new job.
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no it says remprimand on the crb, and its still here after 5 years, i researched into it and it will only be removed after my 100th birthday
A Caution is treated as a spent Conviction for the time it is accepted
Well, you can't expect this to be my opinion, it shouldn't hold you back, but will be taken into consideration.

Like sandy........i wish you good luck.
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so will it affect my chances?
As someone who has several offences against my name from years ago Im all too aware that convictions are never spent. They may be spent in theory but will ALWAYS show up on a crb. Crb checks are stopping many people from finding employment. So much for the rehabilitation of offenders act.
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Yes...................of course it will.............depends on the quality of the competition.
With regards to still having the job offer, a lot will depend on the views of the board who conditionally offered you the position. It would be a shame if you were to lose the job offer. Fingers crossed that the offer becomes a permanent position. Good luck.
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i only have this one offence and the police said it was just 'a slap on the wrist'
nailit - the ROA still applies here - it's just that this job is exempt from it.
lozza, in future it will be better to tell the employer at the interview
Might be best to ask the people who made you the offer of employment whether it will affect things.

In a lot of circumstances it probably will. Given that you probably weren't the only candidate for the job, many employers would probably go with the one who wasn't caught stealing in the past, all other things being equal. This is understandable. Ring up and ask, at least it will make up appear keen.

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can this hold me back?

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