Describe how you view John Lewis as an employer.

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abuharu262 | 16:42 Thu 23rd Aug 2012 | Jobs & Education
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Describe how you view John Lewis as an employer.


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I can't.........I don't work there!
presumably this is some sort of homework? It asks how you view JL, not how anyone else does (not even actual employees).
Unless you work for this Company it would not be possible to judge.
Very good Store to shop in though !
Or applying for a job with John Lewsis but cant even think of anything to put as an answer to this question.

Obviously management potential !
yes, good point, VHG.

Same answer, though: how do you view JL?
This sounds like abuharu262 has got to complete one of those internal job satisfaction surveys .
Have you read ALL of the questions and answers here?

You need to refer to the points made. For example, John Lewis is an excellent employer because they provide first class management training courses and prefer to promote existing employees. This gives me the chance to develop my career within the company. John Lewis is a company I will be proud to work for because of the very good reputation it enjoys.
blah blah blah
you think he already works there and he's asking me what they're like?

Forgot the link

Also read all the bumph they have sent with the application form; read every website they refer to.
If you are applying for the management training scheme, tailor your answer to fit that.
If you are over 55, or have a disability, refer to their policies in that respect.
//you think he already works there and he's asking me what they're like? //

I assume that was in response to my post , jno

Well he/she might be hoping that there might me a John Lewis employee on this site , who can compose a nice little response -I dunno .
My guess is that hc4361's answer is what abuharu262 is looking for as it looks like a question on a job application form.

Hi aburharu262- welcome to Answerbank. To ensure you get the sort of answer you need it always helps to give as much info as possible about what you are asking and why- for example is it Business Studies homework, an internal/external job application, a performance appraisal form, a staff survey, etc
I agree with Jackthehat too. I do not work there either, so it would be very wrong of me to judge them, would it not?

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Describe how you view John Lewis as an employer.

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