excuse to current employers to take a day off for interview?

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adampember | 16:44 Fri 10th Aug 2012 | Jobs & Education
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I had a pre-assessment with British airways yesterday and today i received an email titled invite for interview yet in the email it read you are through to the next stage of the selection process and invited for a practical test (so should i assume its an interview and a practical test?) the problem is it happens to be on a day that Im meant to be working in my current job so should i pull a sicky or let them know that i won't be in and make up a good excuse for why? Im excited, nervous and abit confused at the same time!
I don't want to fall out with my current employers incase i don't get the job and have to stay where i am.
Any advice would be great.


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Honesty must be the best possible approach.

If you pull a sicky and are found out you will be sacked. If your employer values you they should appreciate people do apply for other job's and they should accept it
I would never pull a sicky for an interview - as Dave says you could get sacked and then you would be unlikely to get the new job. I would however be a bit wary about telling your current employers if they don't know you are job hunting elsewhere. If your job is temporary, then it would no doubt be fine to tell them. But if it's permanent and they don't, can you take a day's holiday? That's what I aways did.
That`s a difficult one. I can`t remember what I did.
I would probably ask to use a day`s leave and if they said no, I`d ask to take a day`s unpaid leave. There might be more interviews so you can`t keep pulling sickies.
Request a day's unpaid leave. It's a big adventure and not worth lying.
the practical will be just that ... not an interview as such BUT remember all eyes may be on you 'off' and 'on' the test!

i would take annual leave so your reference will be better, and you will be more honest! x
What did you decide to do in the end? Did you ask for leave or can you feel a stomach bug coming on? Good luck anyway.

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excuse to current employers to take a day off for interview?

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