what should i wear to an employment pre-assessment?

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adampember | 14:36 Tue 07th Aug 2012 | Jobs & Education
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I have a pre-assessment coming up with British airways to be an engineering technician apprentice, i have been told to that it will involve a problem solving test and to take a pen with me, its not an interview so what should i wear, casual clothes or shoes, trousers, shirt or what?


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Trousers, decent shirt and shoes.
smart casual..not jeans..even if it is not an interview they will be checking you out a bit !!
Definitely no trainers or jeans. A nice clean shirt. Jacket and tie are a bit uncertain, depends how comfortable you are wearing things like that.

Also I would take 2 pens and check they work before you put them in your pocket. Maybe a small pocket calculator that does basic arithmetic.
Assuming that you are a male, wear a suit if you have one, shirt and tie, and smart shoes. Do not look like a zombie, i.e. no facial studs/jewellery etc.

First impressions are vital.
Re pens, also check they don't leak before you put them into your pocket! Good luck.
going over prepared or over dressed isn't going to harm your chances, going under dressed or under prepared will, dress as smartly as you can in something which you can work in!
Well done for making this important decision. I saw your original thread asking for opinions. I don't think there is any harm in wearing a shirt and tie. Possibly not a classic shirt but a more modern one which goes with a tie. Not jeans, not trainers. Not too much body spray, but do have a good shower and a shave! Try and keep your hands warm and dry (nothing worse than a limp fish handshake). Don't sit until invited. Most importantly, listen to instructions and if you are given paperwork read it thoroughly. No point rushing and missing something important. Best of luck to you. Remember to take whatever ID they have requested. It's a good idea to take photocopies of any exam certificates as well. Bring a copy of your CV in case they ask you to fill in all that stuff again. (I have been to interviews where they had a form with all the details and asked for them again). Let us know how you get on!
Regarding the test itself, if you get stuck on an answer, move on. Came back to it later. If there are multiple choice questions, never leave a blank answer -two of the answers will be obviously incorrect, so you only have guess between two or three. You will not be penalised for guessing, but you could hit on the right one by luck. Remember the company is trying to find out what you are best at, not trying to fail you.
i have nothing to add to the above with regards to attire and preparedness....i just want to wish you luck.
Smart, tidy and well prepared but probably not a full suit. Especially if you're not used to wearing one and it makes you look or feel uncomfortable. If in doubt opt for a smart blue shirt, they are very popular with technicians!

We're all behind you Adam and on tenterhooks waiting for more news now!
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I did the test yesterday and today British airways contacted me to say that i had passed the problem solving test and that they have invited me to a technical test on Tuesday, Im now just abit concerned that it lands on a day that Im ment to be working at my current job.
Can you ask to take a day off from your annual leave. Do not pull a sickie. If you cannot take a days leave you could politely ask if your appointment can be rescheduled to suit both sides.

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what should i wear to an employment pre-assessment?

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