should i quit my job for apprenticeship??

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adampember | 15:41 Wed 01st Aug 2012 | Jobs & Education
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I currently work in a factory, its a full time job and i earn 10k per annum. Im 20 and live with parents so have no major bills to pay. a month ago i went on a spree applying for various jobs to try and get myself a better job and today i received an email from British airways stating that i had progressed to the next stage and to attend a pre-assessment next week. for an engineering technician apprenticeship, however they did not state the duration of the apprenticeship or the salary i would be on as an apprentice. Im also unsure what sort of salary engineering technicians are on and i also don't fully know what the job involves but i think i may enjoy it.
Do you think i should take a shot in the dark and go for it or play it safe and stay in the job Im currently in even though its minimum wage.


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And make sure youdo as much reserach as possible about the company, the apprenticeship, etc. before attending the interview. Go prepared and they will be impressed.
Here's a lost of what BA pay


And here's something that MAY explan what job will entail.

Good luck Adam!
Go for it. You`ll get the most incredible training and skills if you do that.
Have a look at Engineering Giants Jumbojet Stripdown on bbc iplayer (sorry, I put this on one of your other questions by mistake)
What happened to your idea of being a property developer Adam?
Property developer Tilly ?
Go for it, but I suggest what rockyracoon does - check what you will have to do, the interviewers do like someone who has an idea of what the job entails, and be prepared for any questions they will ask. I had an interview when they asked me what a chain-link fence was and I hadn't a clue, even though the job was an outdoor one maintaining property, so the interview ended v.shortly after that and I didn't hear from them again. That was 40 years ago and I still remember it, and regret it clearly!
Ah, righto Tilly.
Lots of people have ideas that don't take off Tilly. I've had six in the past hour I know I'll never do.
I know, evian, I was just interested to find out if adam was also taking on that challenge.
Adam, You'll be an apprentice engineering technician, which gives you hands-on experience but doesn't mean you'll be paid as a qualified technician - the Govt lays down what can be paid to Apprentices.

When you go to the interview, make sure that you ask what you'll be paid during your Apprentice term, if this is important to you. We recruit apprentices under the current Government scheme, and they are paid a very low wage for the duration of their training contract - they are initially employed for a year but during that time they gain an NVQ and a technical certificate in their chosen area - so as long as you work, there is a qualification at the end of it. Ask too whether it's likely that they would take you on at the end of the Apprenticeship, what their normal practice is about that, so you know if this'll be a long term thing.

Overall I'd say go for it - even if you are on a lower wage for a year or so, it'll be a great experience for you, and it will look very good on your c.v. for your future career.
^ sorry Adam, that was from me, not nibble. :-)
This is from the British Airways apprenticeship website.
Well i basically hate my job,And yes if you are stuck in a job you dislike but can't leave due to circumstances beyond your control.
Definitely go for it, you may never get another chance.
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Tilly, i may still do that if possible in a few years to come, at the time my plan was to save enough money from my current day job to be able to go into it, since i only posted that less than 2 months ago obviously its not possible to save enough for a house in that space of time, in the mean time I've been looking to get a better day job because if property developing didn't work out id be stuck and perhaps if i had a good day job i might change my mind and just do that. who knows what will happen
Yes I agree go for it.
There is great competition for jobs with BA so you have done very well to get this far. Once you are qualified you will be on a good wage and remember BA employees get free or cheap flights as part of the deal.
You would be mad not to follow this through.

Even if the pay is rubbish, you would be effectively buying yourself experience which is invaluable in current times.

Keep us posted on how you get on.

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should i quit my job for apprenticeship??

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