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evedawn | 07:49 Tue 17th Jul 2012 | Jobs & Education
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following on from my earlier post (2 x interviews - advice please) I have another Q.

The job I'm interviewing for is full time (37.5 hrs/wk) I'd like to ask if they would agree to me doing this over 4 long days instead of 5. WHEN is the right time to ask that Q? During the interview or only after "IF" I'm offered the job?

Thanks all and have a good day...


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Hi eve, at a recent interview I went to, I asked towards the end of the interview about hours (I wanted to know what their views were on flexible working, working from home occasionally, etc). The HR person on the panel ran through the contract T&Cs so that was an ideal time to task. If you are going to ask that question, you need your rationale ready as to why you would like them to consider that option, what benefit it would be to them. You could also think about a 9-day fortnight, spreads the hours differently?
I would just do a few weeks at the required hours to prove your worth before trying to change things, they may see you as potentially unreliable if the shifts dont suit you even before you start the job.
That's a good point, ratter - my words were along the lines of "I realise you'll need me full-time here in the first weeks while I settle in, but after that, what might be your view about...."
Does the application specify the hours? if so i would go along with it for the time being, rather than trying to change the hours before you even start.
It is MacDonalds insn't it ? they may well have specific hours with set shifts.
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Good advice both of you thanks. Ratter - it's not that I "can't" do the full time hours's that I currently work 33.5 spread over four days and it works well for me (but of course I realise it must suit the EMPLOYER). Box - I always value your advice (and if memory serves you also work in the NHS?). What is a 9 day fortnight?
In the care industry we do have a fair turn over of staff and we all find it very irritating that new staff arrive and then start telling us what shifts they can and cant do and they cant get home from certain shifts due to buses etc. Im a hard-liner on this one, my view is: if you cant do the advertised shifts, dont apply for the job!!

I have just noticed that you already work for the trust so you may have already proved your worth to them.
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Nah Eddie 51 it's nhs. I already have ajob (so not desperately seeking - it's just that applying for a job with smaller commute (same trust different hospital) The hours specified are merely 37.5 (full time)
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Ratter it's secretarial post.. and would not affect others as far as I can tell. I currently do 33.5 hrs (nearly full time) over 4 days and if poss would like to keep a foru day week (ie 37.5 over four days)
The 9-day fortnight is not uncommon here - work a full week one week, then only 4 days the next week, by adding an extra hour (or so) a day to the working days. That way you are only working an hour extra each day, rather than 2, to get a day off every other week.

If you have time, get on the intranet and look up the Trust's Flexible Working policy, and see what that says - but (as you say) the needs of the service must come first, not your personal plans.
Sorry just loked at your profile and I was confusing your post with another similar one. NHS are far more flexible about hours than MacDonalds. They will probably ask you about working arrangements.
^^ that doesn't add up but I am sure you know what I mean - divide the 7.5 hours for the 10th day across the previous 9, working a bit longer on the 9 days.
Got to go to work now - good luck!
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Cool ta for explanation Box. NO worries Eddie - your advice appreciated anyway. As I said I CAN work a 5 day week I'd just prefer not to if possible so a 9 day fortnight sounds a good idea. Of course all of this is IF (a BIG IF) I even got the job. Not too fussed either way to be honest as I said I already work in the Trust I only am applying as want a shorter commute.

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interview - a further question please

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