First aid at school

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tinkerbell23 | 12:57 Mon 02nd Jul 2012 | Jobs & Education
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Do you think ALL kids should be taught first aid at school?

I do....i didnt get anything i dont think?

And now that ive learned it scares me that loads of us have kids, and family around us and have no idea how to help if something happened....

Obviously dial 999 in an emergency, but wouldnt it be helpfull for kids to be taught properley at school? Xx

(seen an ad there for st johns ambulance offering a free booklet)


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what age kids? the thought of littlies doing first aid is scarey.
Yes, i truly believe that it should be done.

A friends daughter collapsed at school teacher faffed and flapped about it but another student who had first aid training stepped in and looked after her.

That school now has a first aid course the kids can do if they want to.
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Not sure woofgang mabye high school age- xx

Im sure i signed a petition for something like this xx
I used to run St John Ambulance cadets whose ages ranged from 9yrs to 16yrs when they could then join adults. I was asked by the headteacher on numerous occasions to go into our local primary school with a resusci dummy. It went down very well and also was a good way of getting new recruits. I think it should be taught, it is amazing what youngsters can do when everyone around is in a panic.
Yes it should. Also many children die each year due to choking on a piece of food. The remedy for dislodging it is so simple you would think it would be common knowledge and would prevent many deaths.
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Thanks guys, i agree, proper education on it, seriouslu could save lives....its a skill that never leaves you.

I learned a bit at the brownies actually....x
I agree from about 9 upwards.
That would be a good thing to teach children of about 9 or 10. Any younger might scare them . You have wonderful insight Tinks x
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Aww thanks flump!!

I just remember learning basic life support and it was different for kids and adults (well a bit) and i thought to myself, jeez i could have kids and i have no idea!!

If we learned at school it would be almost water off a ducks back, rather than freak or panic, it would be drummed into us!!!! Xx
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Im sure i signed a petition about getting it into schools xxx
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Funnily enough its been in the papers recently...i dont read so didnt know!!

Fair point that people would possibly be able to deal with things a bit better had they been taught first aid, mabye take some pressure off of a&e as a result.

NOT that i think its about that...a&e is there for a reason. Its just a skill i think kids should have!

I totally agree, In my work I frequently put my first aid training into practice including resucitation, the incidents I deal with can happen anywhere at any time, we should all know the basics.

Just 3 days ago I had a lady fall and hit her face on the corner of a door frame, she split her forehead wide open to the bone with a 3 inch cut, potentially serious but minimized by immediate action from a good team knowing First Aid and hardly a spot of blood was spilled.
I totally agree it should be in Schools from very early on, until then if you can get your little ones started here, two of my grandchildren attend and love it.
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Thanks ratter & mammya.....

I wonder why the heck it hasnt been,,,it should be a proper part of the school week i think. Seriously taught.,,xx

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First aid at school

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