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Hocum | 19:46 Thu 24th May 2012 | Jobs & Education
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Hi doing an essay where we were all given films to watch and then have to do an essay and what message was the film giving out.

My 3 films were

1-The Blob


3-Killerclowns from outer space



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I hope you enjoy researching and writing it. Have you watched the films yet?
Isn't it supposed to be YOUR interpretation?
it shames me to say - although i am a film buff, i have not seen any of those three. had i seen them, i would have happily helped you.

Did The Blob play on American paranoia about the dangers of communist invasion?
That's the 1958 version I'm thinking about. The remake probably played on fears of Islamic Terrorism.
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No i haven't seen them yet as this friday is dvd night just wanted to see whether anyone new of or could see a message that i might not.
Thanks anyway.
Have you watched the DVDs now, Hocum?
well come back and tell us what YOU think and we will try to help you

but no-one is going to do your essay for you
If you want to post a link to your essay, I'm sure people will be happy to review it for you.
Could be a long wait.
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