pupil to staff ratio in primary schools at lunchtime

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I.Don No | 20:40 Sun 04th Mar 2012 | Jobs & Education
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I am trying to find out any guidelines there may be for pupil to staff ratios in a primary school at lunchtimes in the playground and have had no luck so far. I have tried the LEA website and but cannot find out any specific information on this topic.

I do not want to approach the head teacher till I have a little more information.

I would be grateful if anyone who works in the primary education sector could point me in the right direction.



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Presumably you didn't find this, then? (Got it by simple websearch using the search terms 'pupil staff ratio lunchtime')
Looks like one to thirteen to me.
Changed since my day then. We had 1 teacher and a 'lunch supervisor' for around 200 pupils. mine you we had 55 in a class with just 1 teacher as well.
Don't know what the official guidelines are for break and lunchtime but it will be a lot less than one to thirteen as the staff will be on break too.
can't be anywhere near 1 to 13 , the school up the road from me has 250 pupils , they would need 20 or so staff on breaks time duty alone. there are no where near that many even during lessons.
1:13 is for early years only; will try and find out for you tomorrow what it is for other Key Stages.
Just had a quick Google and it seems there aren't any national requirements; support staff unions will have agreed with local authorities what the ratio should be. Which local authority is it, if you don't mind saying?
I'm not sure of the answer but my current work have informed me that students on placements aren't included in the ratio. I was surprised because another student and I supervised the whole infant playground last year.
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thanks for the replies. I didn't find this but when I researched there, in order to access the articles you have to have a DfE number for the school, which is no good for me as I am enquiring as a lay person and not a staff member

sophie 1003...I have now contacted the relevant lea and am awaiting a reply.

thanks for all your help ABers
That again depends on the school in my experience erin, and the level of student, when doing a childcare college qualification I definitely wasn't in most places (was in some but don't think I should have been!) but when doing my degree I was always included in ratios.
And hope you get the information you're looking for I.Don No!

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pupil to staff ratio in primary schools at lunchtime

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