I am a Team Manager in a call centre and would like to join a union.

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ybakewell | 14:50 Tue 21st Feb 2012 | Jobs & Education
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It appears the company I work for does not have a registered union on the internet, although I know that some of the advisor's are union members.
I wonder if anyone knows if, A. can I join a union? and B. who would be the best union to join?


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Nearly anyone can join a union. I can't see how a team manager couldn't join.

What kind of business are you in ? Some unions are stronger in some employment sections than others.

You could try this:
Have you asked the advisers which union they are in?
Your best bet is the Commication Workers Union - CWU - who keep the bosses at BT from being totally out of control!
Joining a union is rarely the problem. Having it recognised as a legitimate party the employer agrees to deal with might be another matter. The best union to join is probably the one you can get most of your collegues to join too, and campaign for recognition. That is if you can be bothered with all the hassle.
To Unions all managers are ********'s getting rich on the backs of the poor, are you sure?
Presumably you have a problem?

I see two problems here, 1) you are management so not exactly the oppressed in the eyes of the union 2) If you are asking on here presumably no one else is a member so you can gout out on strike on your own, dont think that would work somehow.

Suggest you save your money, if you want to fund the labout party then do it directly so you dont have to fund some super rich Union baron.
As has been said, the CWU is probably the most appropriate union for you:

But fairly pointless if the union isn't recognised and wont/can't negotiate for you?
I would try to join one of the bigger unions such as unison - thay have a bit more clout.
I didn't know the CWU represented management grades........
You have the right to join a trade union and should not be dismissed, harassed or selected for redundancy because you are a member of a trade union; you also have the right not to join a trade union. As regarding which union to join I would try to find out the predominant union among your colleagues and join that union as there is strength in numbers.

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I am a Team Manager in a call centre and would like to join a union.

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