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cris r | 14:55 Fri 27th Jan 2012 | Jobs & Education
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Hi Im sure there will be someone out there to offer advice. My husband quit his job befor christmas due to the pressure of the job it was not a rash decision it took months befor he finally had had enough and took the drastic step. He is a project manager in the construction industry. He is not sure yet what he wants to do with his remaining working years he is 57. He is not ready to retire and feels he has at least ten years work left in himself he keeps himself fit. What he was wondering was what the prosedure is for signing on or job seekers allowance does he have to disclose his savings
( his pension as he calls it ) Someone told him he does not have to disclose his savings for six month is this the case He is a joiner by trade so he might do a bit there but that would mean becoming self employed again. Can you pay your own stamp through the post office, this is how he use to pay it, or does he have to register unemployed it seems a mine field out there It has all changed since be became a project manager so any advice would be apprieciated. Thanks


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I would advise your husband to drop into the Job Centr e for an informal chat.

They have vast experience in this area, and will be able to offer him some advice on his possible future career direction, and also the necessary forms and notifications he needs to deal with.
I don't think you can claim if you leave a job by your own choice.
My wife just left her job as it had finally become too much. She claimed for JSA and is receiving it.

Best to mention the Stress part to the Job Centre people.
Think you're not entitled to JSA for the 1st 13 weeks if you just leave a job.
may get you started.

andy-hughes, in my experience Jobcentre's are of no use whatsoever, other than getting a claim started, and are to be avoided if at all poss. Having said that, my tax code's shot to pieces because I registered last year then got a job before I was due back to sign on. And another time I didn't bother registering, being "confident" I'd get another job soon, I was penalised because I had to account for my time when I was subsequently CRB checked for a job. They've been no use to me, can't remember last time I actually received JSA, so maybe I'm just bitter.

Good luck ! :o)
hee hee, you aren't the only one who is bitter CW. Worked till medical retirement at 55 all my life, and get sod all. This system is just soooooo wrong!
It's ofte stated on her that you can't get JSA for 13 weeks or so if you leave your jobvoluntarily but I'm pretty sure it's not as simple as that. In fact on the two occasions I signed on for Contribution Based JSA I simply said (truthfully) that it was redundancy and then next time that my temporary post had come to an end. There was no check. I don't see what mechanism they have for checking.
You need to phone them first, the will take the necessary information (sorry, can't find the phone number, I think it's an 0845 thing) After they have taken the appropriate info, they will ask which is your local job centre and give an appointment date and time. As has been mentioned, do emphasise that he resigned from stress. They are not heartless, but some are hopeless.
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Thanks for all the info it is a help xx
One annoying feature was that you have to ring 0845 numbers and you are often kept hanging on for 15-20 minutes, or you get a 'please try later' message, so you end of calling several times, and when you do get through it can take 15 minutes or so to answer the questions. You can easily run up several pounds in phone charges.
phone and make an appt!

then, when you go in, he will need to justify leaving work and may have to wait before signing on! yes, te savings won't make any difference for 6 months! they credit his stamps whilst he will be on benefits!

BUT my real advice is to volunteer NOW so his CV is complete! loads of charities need practical people, esp national trust and the like!

good luck both xx
I've always claimed online, then they call around 48hrs later, then make an appointment for another day or 2 later. Any claim is backdated to when you filled the form in online - there's a link in the one I posted earlier. That link also gives a freephone number, 0800 055 6688. If you do see an 0845 number, try finding a corresponding landline number on . I found that to be a very useful site generally.
factor30, I think they are allowed to call a previous employer though whether they'd bother I don't know. My last job lasted 5 weeks (before I was injured) & though it was temporary, I'm not sure they'd wear that ! Actually, they didn't ask when I was registering yesterday ...
If employment ends because of misconduct or through leaving voluntarily, JSA can be sanctioned (stopped in other words) for up to twenty-six weeks. Jobcentre Plus is allowed to contact former employers to confirm why the employment ended. If employment ends voluntarily, it is up to the claimant to show they had good reason to do so. If good reason is not shown and a sanction is imposed, any period between the job ending and the claim being made is deducted from that sanction. Contributions-based JSA is not affected by savings but it is reduced by any personal or occupational pension above £50 per week
He can just sign on immediately , if asked just say he left due to health reasons which is true.
Leaving because of ill-health is leaving voluntarily still and the Jobcentre and/or a Decision Maker will ask questions about the medical conditions, whether a doctor advised the claimant to leave for example. Other questions may be asked such as what was the final incident that made the claimant leave and what steps were taken to find alternative employment BEFORE resigning.
There are two types of Jobseeker’s allowance (JSA). Contribution based, which your husband will probably pass due to NI contributions and Income based which usually takes over from contribution based after 26 weeks which your husband may well fail from what you say. A 26-week sanction can be applied if you voluntarily leave your job without just cause. The job causing stress may be accepted as just cause to leave employment it would be up to the decision maker.
Your husband should make a claim for JSA if he meets the other conditions, which include availability for work, seeking work and entering into an agreement plus some other conditions, which should cause no difficulties.

If he decides not to claim JSA but to become self employed he should inform HMRC and pay Class 2 NI contributions, and yes they can still be paid at the Post office.

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