Jobseekers Allowance over Christmas

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ClinkatyClank | 21:06 Sun 18th Dec 2011 | Jobs & Education
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When would you expect payments if you're not due to sign until the 11th Jan ? How does it work over the Christmas period ?


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I assume that you sign fortnightly.

Your claim will be treated as if you'd also signed on 28th December. The money will go into your bank on the same day as normal (following your 'imaginary signing'), or earlier if the banks will actually be closed on that day.

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A letter came that I wouldnt need to attend on 28 Dec and I would get it my benefit earlier, so just wondered how early, before Christmas Eve perhaps ?
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Already signed on Wed 14 dec
That might depend upon when you normally receive your money. My signing day is Thursday, with the money available in my account on the FOLLOWING Tuesday. Based on that, your money for 'signing' (without actually having to do so) on Wednesday 28th would be due into your account on Monday 2nd January. You MIGHT get it before Christmas but it could also go into your account on 28th, 29th or 30th December and still be regarded as 'early'.

From my own experience in previous years I suspect that you will actually get your money before Christmas - but please don't ask me to guarantee it!

PS: For a definitive answer, phone 0845 608 8618 to find out when the transfer to your bank account will be made, and then ask your bank when the funds will actually be available.
One of the problems with ringing up, though, is the cost. In my experience you often have to hang on and calls typically cost me around 80 pence each, which is a big chunk out of £67 a week
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Well, I signed on Wed, so I will get paid tomorrow, so does that mean I wont get my JSA until next time I sign which will be on 11th Jan ? Surely I would getting my JSA earlier if I was supposed to be due sign on 28th Dec.

Hope you all understand me !
I can't see why you won't just get paid at the normal time in line with the normal fortnightly cycle or maybe a day or so that your payment isn't delayed by the New Year holiday.
After Buenchico's good answers I'm not sure why you think you may have to wait until 11th January
If you are excused signing over the christmas period you will be paid on 23rd december if you would normally have received your payment on one of the bank holidays. If you would normally receive your payment on a non bank holiday you will still get it on the same day, it will be sent on its way to your account earlier so that it is not held up by the bank holidays. Hope this makes sense
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Is 2 jan bank holiday? If so then I would be getting my benefit on that day if I had to sign on 28 dec which I am excused. So since I'm excused for signing over Xmas on 28 dec, then I would be getting my benefit on 23 dec. Hope this sounds right.
2nd January is a bank holiday:
Your answers keep confusing me , ClinkatyClank. I'm not sure you have read our answers. Forget the dates you sign on. You get paid on a fortnightly cycle but may get paid a few days early over Christmas/New Year if your normal payment date falls on a holiday. If you got paid as normal on Monday the 19th I cannot see why you think the next payment would be on the 23rd given that under the normal fortnightly cycle it would be 2nd January. My best guess Friday 30th Dec.

If they paid out a week early a lot of people would find it very difficult to manage their money until the next payment 3 weeks later
i also sign on on 23rd december but don't know when i will be paid i am due money on 28th but with it being christmas week will it clear
I've just been in the Post Office and there is a big sign up showing the dates for DWP payments. It shows the normal due date and the revised payment date. I says the details are also available on the post office website.

In ClinkatyClank's case the payment was due on 2nd January 2012. The revised date is 30 December 2011
My son signed on on the 21st dec, normally wouldn't get money in bank til Monday but expected an early payment on the 23rd. Nothing went in and it's now the 28th and still nothing has gone into his bank. They're closed til tomorrow and he's had no money at all over xmas. I feel an angry phone call coming on tomorrow!!!
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I actually got a letter from my local JCP when I signed saying that I would be expecting an early payment.

/ruthdoe96 - didn't your son get such a letter? Anyway, hope it all gets solved over the phone.
no letter but then our post has been very erratic here lately.
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I mean letter when the last time your son signed at the centre. I got mine this way.
Hi i sign on the 25th dec do money go in early ? If so what date

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