Can you be asked to change personality or be sacked?

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Velvetee | 03:01 Tue 08th Nov 2011 | Jobs & Education
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I've worked for a company for 6 years, but we've just been taken over by a well known brand. Their concept is that staff should be upbeat (kind of Americanised) bouncy, clappy, energetic etc.

Anyway, I'm kind of laid back, quiet but always work hard and go above and beyond what my role dictates. My Line Manager has told me I need to change to fit in with the new brand and if I cannot then I need to consider if the job is suitable for me. I get the feeling he would like to offload me and replace me with a 17 year old clown!

Can I be sacked for not changing my personality to suit the company's new working standards? Would it help to seek Legal Advice?



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Thanks everyone. It appears my Line Manager misinterpreted what the Company who have taken over required. Because he was told by people from their Head Office that he was miserable and unenthusiastic he decided to target me.

I feel he was picking on me. I have worked for the Company for 7 years, never had any issues with anyone and have received good feedback from Customers. Admittedly I am quite quiet, but I am always helpful and courteous and go out of my way to provide good service.

Incidentally my Line Manager went off on stress leave for 2 weeks and has since handed in his notice and will leave in two weeks!!

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Can you be asked to change personality or be sacked?

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