random question -- what's a boss fireman called?

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fairkatrina | 14:14 Thu 20th Oct 2011 | Jobs & Education
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I've been having an argument with my mates and google can't settle it. What's the leader of a fireman's watch (UK) called? Chief, Commander, Station Master??? help, we've not got a clue!


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Station master, I reckon.
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ah, so it's leading firefighter or station officer depending on the size of the crew. that's great, thanks! who knew that was such a difficult question when it came up?!
it wont be a leading firefighter as stations often have a few of those.

Station officer is in charge of station.
"Station officer is in charge of station" - not in Essex according to thee link above.
watch commander is answer you are looking for (previously watch manager)
We had a Station Officer who was in charge of the station and who used to ride on the first appliance to take charge of the incident. If for some reason he was off, ie holiday or sick then the Sub Officer would take over from him. Never known it to be a Leading Fireman though. Maybe on a small station though.
On some very big city fire stations there could be a higher ranked officer in charge of the station like an Assistant Divisional Officer.
"fire fighter is a fire fighter , leading firefighter is now called a crew commander because he commanders his crew only station officer is now called a watch commander because he commands the station/watch"
this is what ive got from a suffolk firefighter.
As said, there can be a few LFs (now crew commanders) at a station.
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this is a very complicated job hierarchy!
and, by look of it,it may still vary between counties lol

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random question -- what's a boss fireman called?

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