dont know where to turn

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musicmummy | 19:57 Tue 17th May 2011 | Jobs & Education
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Hi my Daughter is just about to finish her second year of her Law Degree. Although she has been for numerous interviews to secure employment to get her at least through till her course resarts in September she has had no luck so far.
On making enquiries they say she is not allowed to claim any sort of benefits as she is a returning Student.
So they expect her to live without a single penny to eat.
She has her own flat and she wont even get any assistance with the rent so after six weeks the council will file eviction.
We live in Scotland. Please any advice cheers K.x


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Has she looked into agency/temp work? Could be a number of opportunities there, especially if she has good computer skills and can type well and at a good speed. Agencies tend to deal with all kinds of work from office based to call centres to more industrial, even work such as handing out leaflets. I've had a number of good temping assignments through various agencies. Some agencies deal with legal firms so she could be lucky and find something connected as useful experience such as typing work.

I used to work in places like cafes/restaurants, supermarket, cleaning etc... around my studies. She could ask around the above locally and bars, shops etc...

Places are open so much later now she may be able to combine a couple of part time jobs.
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She is trying really hard and has been handing CVs everywhere. But no luck. Is there anywhere that will assist her? Ironic. If she were to commit a crime and go to jail they would pay her rent for three months and feed her but because she's trying to better herself they won't help
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any help please
There has got to some sort of seasonal touristy type work available for her to do over the summer - or bar work. As jenna says she could also approach one of the agencies that employ temps.
The student loan is intended to cover the full year, I think, not just term time.
When I was at university over 30 years ago we could claim 'social security' in the summer holidays but nowadays, with so many students going to university, benefits aren't considered to be affordable, and many students do have to find part-time work in term time or temporary work in the holidays.
I know lots of students who get jobs at Burger King etc. Has she tried those sort of places?
Not sure about the legality of it, but she is available for work for those 6 weeks and JSA states that you must be available for work to claim.
(Just a thought)
How old is she? How long has she lived independently of you? How long has she been a council tenant? Has she got a child?

This site may help:
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Thanks for all your answers. Yes she's put CVs into all the fast food places pound shops clothes shops etc. She's had five interviews for call centers over the past three weeks. No joy but will have an answer on the last one by friday fingers crossed. She's 22 has lived independently since she was 17. But has only been a council tennant for two months. She was a private tennant before that and shared with her boyfriend so was never in this position before. She's single now x
Does she have any experience of working, any previous jobs with skills and experience that could assist her?

If not, could she see if she or any of the local agencies could help her get some more experience, even on a voluntary basis?

Could she travel a little further afield to look for work? Not sure whereabouts you are but is she in or near any larger towns or cities where there would be more work?

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dont know where to turn

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