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A1Mikey | 02:02 Sat 16th Apr 2011 | Jobs & Education
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A friend said there Is there a website available to employers which lists whether a potential employee has made a claim to the Employment Tribunal? Is this true??

I have made 3 justified claims but I do not see it is a future employers business to know about them.


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Really? If I were an employer I would be most interested.
Employment tribunals are open to the public, so the information certainly isn't confidential. (The most 'lurid' cases often find their way into the press). However it's unlikely that any potential employer would bother searching through the records.

Check to see whether you whether you can find details of your own cases here:

It is the responsibility of a previous employer to reveal if a Reference is requested, with resulting findings.
mmm employment tribunals..

you dont have much luck with employers then do you??

once is unlucky..
twice is careless..
thrice is vexatious
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Couldn't that be called a Blacklist?
Three claims?

Hmm, I can see why you'd be a bit worried about a potential employer being able to look that up!
Your employer will have to be given a fair opportunity to respond to the allegations made (on Form ET3) so will need to be told if any applications have been lodged about them.

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Employment Tribunals

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