Insomnia -Would you ring in sick?

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evedawn | 23:43 Thu 14th Apr 2011 | Jobs & Education
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It you'd had insomnia (ie 4 hrs very light sleep) would you ring in I'll the following day and quote insomnia? Ta in advance


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no !
No, I'd just call that a bad night's sleep. We all have 'em from time to time. It's not insomnia, that's a clinical condition,
rve. what kind of work do you do ?
Just for one night? definitely not. Wait until you have night after night with hardly any sleep and then you can start to grumble. Even the sleeping tablets don't work. I do get a couple of hours in now and then
Not a chance.

I've often worked (in very stressful jobs, such as teaching) without having slept for several days.

I've also got home after being on the road ('trade plating') for over 20 hours without even a cup of coffee, yet alone a meal, knowing that I'd got to be up for work (for a similar day's work) in only three hours time. The thought of 'taking a sickie' would never even cross my mind.

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Ok ta for response (Esp boxtops - I always value your opinion). Just been soooooo stressed and I am wide awake still - rhea sleep would be wisful hoping in fact. Thanks - value ur opinions
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Oh incidentally folk - I've MIT slept properly (averaging 4 hrs) for about two weeks now
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Previous is a typo - "MIT" oughta read "not"( I'm using iPhone without my contact lenses lol
In that case you should look into ways of dealing with your stress. If it's that bad, see your doc - he/she may decide you need time off to deal with it or you may be offered other ways of coping.
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Nah Karenmac - I used to work for a gp and I know how stress related thongs stay on ur records - no ways I'll admit to my gp I'm suffering from stress- EVER!
Evedawn ;-) - but that's not good, are you going to bed too late? Better to lie relaxed that not go to bed at a sensible time. I can talk, I've just woken up after 2 hours asleep on the sofa, I'll go to bed in a minute. Soothing tea or a a milky drink before bed (if you can take it) helps.
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Ooops"thongs" oughta read " things" (iPhone without contact lenses)
Jeez, it's the thongs which are too tight, keeping you awake ;-)
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Thanks box - tried the milky drink (with sprinkled nutmeg atop) foe past few nights. Does nowt lol. Taken antihistamine (self medicating oooeerrr) which nurmsll jakes me drowsy) but no joy past 2 weeks. Never mind it'll pass - eventually. I'm just stressed cos I lose my job 5 June. Sleep tight
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Lol / my typos terrible!!!! It's a teeny tiny iPhone screen and no contact lenses in situ
You need to deal with whatever is causing the stress and try some relaxation techniques in the evening to help you wind down.

Having worked in a high stress occupation for over 20 years I have come to appreciate the effects a good wind down can have in giving a good nights sleep.
what can you do to try to relax in the evenings (typing on a mini phone's not helping, LOL!)? I do sympathise, so much going on in the NHS these days, we have been through the hardest six months and not really out of the woods yet, but at least I have a job for the foreseeable future now. You need to sleep, you need to give your best at that interview... but try not to get obsessed with not sleeping, otherwise it's a vicious spiral. Warm bath, soft music...? a cat...?
I don't really understand why you have a problem with having stress related illnesses put on your medical records? If you're suffering and need some help, then isn't that enough?
No one else is going to know that you have 'stress' written on your medical records aside from you and your doctor.
It's a shame that people still seem to stigmatise mental health issues as 'failing' and simply won't accept it!
id say it depends on your job...if you are a driver for instance you would be a danger
Insomnia, eh? Well, I am not going to lose any sleep over not answering this question.

Seriously though, I do know a very good way to help you get to sleep, but it is not suitable for a family site. Would you like me to show you it in private?

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Insomnia -Would you ring in sick?

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