Shift from teaching to learning & progress

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branca | 14:37 Sat 09th Apr 2011 | Jobs & Education
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Hi is anybody able to help with this. A school says that its whole focus is to shift from teaching to learning and progress.



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Don't really know what you mean by help. You need to see what it means in practice surely?
I think what it means is that teaching is the teacher imparting their knowledge - all teacher-focused. Learning (in this context) means being able to demonstrate that the pupil has taken in the teaching and understood it, and is progressing their knowledge. We used to have a training department, now we have Learning & Development - to support people's development, not just by-rote taking in of information.
Agree with Boxtops. It's how adult education has operated for a long time. I've often thought how effective children's education if we adopted this method - allowing children to teach and learn from each other and indeed for the teacher to do the same. I have taught in adult ed (or should I say 'facilitated') and I know I have learnt as much from my students as they have learnt from me.

It would be lovely to see a state school make this shift but I suspect it's going to be held back by the requirement for national standards and acknowledged 'best practice'. I hope not, but ... we'll see.

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Shift from teaching to learning & progress

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