harbour master assistant.

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mollykins | 07:42 Sat 09th Apr 2011 | Jobs & Education
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In the paper they advertised three posts for harbour master assistant.

However, I can't do that many hours (20 or 35 p/w). I do have power level 2 and first aid, but not VHF radio licence. As well as seamanship skills from cadets.

Is it worth me sending a cover letter and CV? (of course there'd be no point in filling in an application form because i can't do that exact job, but say they found me and someone else that could together do the 20 hours, who knows?)


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It's a little like Air traffic control- they like people to submit when theyre 16/17 and to in as soon as they are 18 as they don't take on anyone over 31 for training and madatory age for reirement is 56- some jobs need young blood.
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I said that inresponse to someone asking if i know the phonetic alphabet.
you back off redhelen, I don't know who you are, you don't know who I am am, but you're being arrogant and rude when someone is asking for advice and it's uncalled for, yet you expect not to be called on it and to have a carte blanche to just mock and deride anyone who doesn't agree with you.
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We all agreed about that Helen, (read my first post to her), you however felt the need to mock her and to deride her ( seems to be a popular pastime for some ageing bullies on here), but it's your choice, you only make yourself look unpleasant.
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Molly - just to repeat myself re VHF licence

Ok Molly - but it's still the required means of communication on certain rivers as well - yes? Is it just the short range certificate they need then? - if so, think that can be done on a one day course
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I'll look into that then tony . . .
You have been derisive throughout the whole thread but noteably
'pmsl, I would not want to go out on any body of water where a 17 year old child is in charge'.
You're under 40? Bet you'd rather be 17 though;-)
You can usually do most things if you try hard enough Molly. Look into the course tony describes, submit your CV and a covering letter explaining you are doing that course and maybe even ask their advice about a route into the profession, and hopefully they will bear you in mind for the future. Don't let people's snideness put you off what you want to do.
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NOX, thanks for standing up for me, but remember what the ed said and you don't want helen to provoke you into saying something that'll get you suspended do you.
No problem Molly- and if I get suspended then so be it, it's tiresome that nearly every thread turns into a nasty slanging match:)
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But it shouldn't be you that gets suspended over it!
Molly - just get in touch with the harbourmaster and ask if they can take you on in any sort of seasonal temp job over the summer. You can't work until the end of Oct because of your Uni course, and you don't meet all the criteria - so drop him a letter saying you've seen the job advert, you know that's not for you, this time, but would he have anything else he might suggest for the summer for you. There is no harm in asking.
You get absolutely nowhere by doing nothing.
Write to the HM telling him that you saw the ads and would be doing that sort of work when you have finished college.
Enclose your cv.
Ask if you could do work experience, or part time holiday work, or even just spend a weekend with the HM for the experience.
It will do no harm at all to show you are interested, enthusiastic and willing.
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Will do HC and all others that suggested similar.

I have a general cv and cover letter which I'll adapt and get to them tomorrow or early next week.
Could this be the sea cadets very own version of the ♫ Harbour Master's Store ♫?

There are aids, aids, ruddy great buoyancy aids
In the store, in the store,
There are aids, aids, ruddy great buoyancy aids
In the Harbour Master's Store

My eyes are dim I cannot see,
I have not brought my specs with me
I have ... not ... brought ... my specs ... with ... me

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