harbour master assistant.

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mollykins | 07:42 Sat 09th Apr 2011 | Jobs & Education
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In the paper they advertised three posts for harbour master assistant.

However, I can't do that many hours (20 or 35 p/w). I do have power level 2 and first aid, but not VHF radio licence. As well as seamanship skills from cadets.

Is it worth me sending a cover letter and CV? (of course there'd be no point in filling in an application form because i can't do that exact job, but say they found me and someone else that could together do the 20 hours, who knows?)


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This one?
Seasonal Assistant Harbour Masters - 3 Posts

Fixed Term Contract until 31 October 2011
37 hours per week x 1
20 hours per week x 2

You will assist in the management of the day to day service delivery at Southwold Harbour, Oulton Broad Yacht Station, Mutford Lock and Beccles Yacht Station. You will promote excellent customer service in an efficient and professional manner.

You will have experience of boat handling and mooring of craft and have excellent communication skills. You must hold a power boat level 2 certificate or above, VHF certificate and an appropriate first aid qualification
Nox / Prudie -If she is 17 and was male - she could have joined the Army and been posted to Iraq by now.
Molly - does it have minimum age requirement?
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My sixth form doesn't like you doing over 10 hours during term time but I could probably do the 20 hours in holidays . . .
Pass your School Exams first molly and then decide on what Career you would like to pursue. Go to Uni or Tech College and obtain the necessary Qualifications for that Career.
I was in the Merchant Navy for years molly and even I haven't the qualifications for an Ass Harbour Master let alone anything else.
Have a look at the link here.

Considering you can join the army at 16, get married, work and they're thinking of lowering the voting age to 16 I'd say it was adult enough, I thought you were implying she was 12 or so and not mature enough to hold down that sort of job;-)
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Nope tony . . .
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RM I passed about 20 exams last year for 11 certificates . . .
Like I said, I would go and sound them out - one thing that you have in your favour is your recent BBC star exposure. You should be known to them. I would not forgo your Uni course -but to take this as a summer job, if they have something, would be fun. VHF radio can be learnt pretty quickly and I presume you know the phonetic alphabet already, alpha, bravo, charlie, etc.
Tony, you're preaching to the converted, to me 16 is an adult, I was querying what Prudie said.
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Well for now, Over and out.

Delta, Tango Charlie.
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nice attitude Redhelen - where a lot of the people dying in Iraq / Afghanistan are well under 20- you vounteering then on the basis of your wealth of expertise?PMSL right back at you.
Nox - sorry - had misunderstood your comment
I was not referring to molly's ability I was thinking a harbour master assistant would be expected to be 18 or over due to the piloting requirement. I don't know about boats much. I do know a bit about defence though and a soldier could be in Iraq/Afghan at 17 (maybe although can't say I've come across that) but he can't drive a tank or C+E vehicle.
Molly - nope to what?
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DT I have a communications badges from cadets where we had to be able to say the phonetic alphabet backwards (and i still can) and at the awards night for 2009 I got the communications trophy.

Helen, it's only an assistant to the harbour master . . .

:P nox :)
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nope it doesn't have a minimum age requirement, although technically there is because there's minimum ages for the first aid (well you had to be 15 for the one i did) and power level 2.
Prudie - think Pilots and /harbourmasters are different jobs/roles

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