Receptionist Jobs

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Receptionist Jobs

Although each receptionist job will differ depending on what kind of company you work for there are a universal set of tasks that apply to everyone in the sector, they are:

•    Answering Inquiries
•    Answering the telephone
•    Directing visitors
•    Sorting Mail
•    Filing/Record keeping
•    Booking appointments
•    Signing visitors in and out
•    Cash handling

Most employers look for people who have these skills and a little receptionist experience
A receptionist often has a difficult job when it comes to managing a number of tasks at one time – this can be made even tougher if you are unfamiliar with software like Microsoft Word and Excel.

It is essential that receptionists keep their skills up to date so they can adapt to changes in within their work environment. In-depth knowledge isn’t necessary but having a firm grounding in office software, computers and written English will mean that you’re always a valuable resource to your employer or future employers.

Want to keep your skills up to date? Here you will find a list of Coursebookers to Microsoft Office courses…

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