More Information on Programmer Jobs

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More Information on Programmer Jobs

Software development is a dynamic working environment where C, C++ and C# programming skills are highly sought after. They have become industry-standard requirements for many areas, with employers seeking programmers who have experience with both C and C++, or the Microsoft developed C#.

C# Jobs

C# is derived from Java and is one of the most popular programming languages used in IT in The United Kingdom. C# was originally developed on the basis of the languages of C and C++, however C# is more intuitive as it uses unique object-oriented parameters.

The average salary for a C# job in The United Kingdom varies greatly depending on experience and seniority. A junior developer may earn around £24,000, compared to a senior developer or a lead developer earning between £48,000 and £52,000 per year.

Java Jobs

Java and J2EE specialists design, develop and implement new internet-based applications, using skills and knowledge of systems such as HTML, XML, WebLogic and RUP. Troubleshooting and analytical skills are needed, as are communication skills for working closely with clients.

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