More Information on Construction and Building Jobs

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

More Information on Construction and Building Jobs


In recent times plumber’s wages have risen dramatically, with many taking this boom in business as an opportunity to open up their own plumbing companies. Thanks to this there are a large number of plumbing jobs available across the country, ranging from roles for experienced plumbers to those fresh out of college looking for an apprenticeship.


Electricians are always a valuable resource to both large and small firms, like councils or privately owned companies, and because of this experienced electricians can expect a handsome pay-packet. To get into this field you will need to get a qualification through a college course before you can begin, and most new electricians start out as apprentices.


Normally dealing with a number of areas in construction, a builder will have skills in a number of fields including electric and plumbing. Generally speaking a builder’s role will be to deal more with construction, so drawing up building plans, bricklaying and structure maintenance are regular tasks that they undertake.

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