Legal Jobs

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Legal Jobs

Are you a Legal Eagle? Maybe a job in Law is your next career step…

As most people know, Law is a huge subject that has number of complex facets dealing in sand-grain specifics, such as environmental law and property law.

Because of this there are many legal jobs available in the UK, ranging from those that require experience and qualifications to just been hard-working and keen to learn.

Most jobs within the legal sector require a degree along with another qualification. This extra qualification will enhance the knowledge and skills you have in a specific sector, meaning that you can focus on an area of law that you have an affinity for.

Legal jobs that require a degree:

•    Barrister
•    Solicitor

A barrister’s main role is to deal with legal cases when advocacy in court is required, so a deep knowledge of the UK legal system is absolutely essential. Barristers also examine and cross-examine witnesses, so a passion for finding the truth and asking the right questions is necessary to be successful. The salary for an experienced member of the Inns of Court can be anywhere in excess of £100,000 per year.

Where a barrister has little social interaction with clients, a solicitor has more of a face to face job, talking and liaising with clients on a daily basis. A solicitor’s main role is to advise clients on all areas of their legal affairs, from business and civil claims to criminal actions. As well as strong negotiation skills, solicitors need to be organised as compiling cases is one of their primary tasks. If you enter a law firm you can expect to work under a solicitor on at least £18,000-£20,000 per year.

Legal jobs that don’t require degrees:

•    Legal Secretaries
•    Legal Cashiers

Legal secretaries can earn £18,000-£21,000 per year, but this can vary depending on where you work and for what size of law firm. Legal secretary’s tasks usually include admin duties so good organisational and IT skills are essential for this type of role.

As law firms deal with large sums of money every day, having someone to organise the books and keep records of cash-flow is essential. Legal Cashiers can also expect a salary of around £18,000-£21,000 at a minimum, with expansion of their role and tasks a distinct probability with more knowledge and qualifications earned over time.

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