Insurance Jobs

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Insurance Jobs

Whether from an individual or a business perspective, insurance has a great degree of influence on everyone and affects every facet of our lives.

But it’s not all about selling insurance – most major insurance companies need Claims Assessors to find out details on insurance claims, ensuring that everything is correct and the claim isn’t fraudulent. This role involves talking to claimants, the police and witnesses as well as visiting accident scenes. Most of these insurance jobs will require a degree, but there are a number of schemes available for those who haven’t been to university, such as taking on junior and clerical roles and progressing that way.

Full training is available to all, although those earning over £40,000 will be required to take a Chartered Institute Insurance course. Starting salaries are between £11,000 and £26,000 depending on qualifications and experience.

Another role within the insurance sector is that of a Risk Assessor. A Risk Assessors’ job is to visit client and advise on what types on insurance an individual or business would need to take out to be fully covered. It is possible to specialise is certain areas like health and safety or fires and floods. A starting salary in this role is normally in the region of £21,000 per year, although with a few years experience it is possible to earn in excess of £35,000 for this job. A degree isn’t essential for the role of a Risk Assessor but in recent times these roles are being filled by graduates.

A lot of Risk Assessors start out as insurance underwriters, who view insurance claims and deem if the application should be accepted and on what terms. An insurance underwriter will reach their decision on an application by gathering information from claimants and other parties. The role requires someone logical and analytical. A degree isn’t necessary, but it helps when getting to interview in such a competitive sector.

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