Government Jobs

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Government Jobs

Every town and city in the UK has some form of Government presence, and with that presence comes a wide range of government jobs that need to be filled.

Thanks to the broad area that government covers there are a wide range of jobs available that suit the skills and personalities of different people. Some jobs may require a degree or another qualification, whereas others may ask that you be hard-working, determined and a quick-learner.

Generally speaking, jobs that involve the environment and accountancy will require a degree or similar qualification, as these roles often deal with complex subjects that require expert knowledge.

Other jobs, like Local Government Administrators, who provide admin support and coordinate council decisions into many different areas, do not need a degree as a pre-requisite to taking the position on.

Community Development Workers, Tourism Officers and Trading Standards officers are other roles within the government scope.

Community Development Workers travel around their local area and assess what needs to be done to enhance resident’s lives and develop the community. The Development Worker has a large say in what gets built, so if a community needs to have roads re-laid for example, their job will be to organise the repairs. Coming into this role you can expect to earn around £20,000 but after a few years that figure could be in excess of £30,000.

Tourism Officers handle the upkeep of visitor services and attractions in the local area, making their role an important one for revenue generation from tourism. These roles are particularly important in seaside towns, whose main lifeline is the tourism industry.

A Trading Standards Officers’ main role is to ensure that goods and services being traded in the area are being done so in a law abiding way. The Trading Standards Officer will visit local businesses and check that their goods meet the standards required. The role requires working very closely with the police and HM customs in order to track town businesses and people that flout trading laws in the UK, so some legal experience will help if you want to take on this role.

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