Administration Jobs

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Administration Jobs

Every company in the UK needs someone to deal with the day to day administration duties, and because of this there are always plenty of admin jobs on the market. Over the last few years the role of admin has expanded, with people taking on different duties like handling human resources and acting as a personal assistant to company directors.

As the roles for administration jobs have expanded so too have the pre-requisites of employers, who now look for people fluent in most Microsoft Office products and other office appliances, like fax machines email. While knowing everything about Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint might not be necessary, having a strong foundation in these areas will certainly help when a prospective employer takes a look at your CV.

Conventionally admin roles can be split up into three different areas:

1.    Office Managers

2.    Secretaries

3.    Personal Assistants

Traditionally, Office Managers take care of all administrative duties in an office. Office Managers will take part in a number of IT, email and telephone related tasks but this will differs depending on what your employer’s company does. For example, if you work for a marketing company you may be required to keep track of client payments and handling bills and cheques.

As a secretary your role can include a number of duties, such as managing filing systems, taking telephone calls and writing notes and letters. A good grasp of written English is essential and many employers will look for people who can type and have a friendly telephone manner. Good working-knowledge of computer software is also a must, as using email and maintaining company websites are often things that secretaries need to deal with.

Personal Assistants (or PAs) usually work with company directors and deal with their administration tasks on a daily basis. This means that company directors have more free time to focus on other tasks. A Personal Assistant is also known as an Executive Secretary or Executive Assistant, and they deal with many of the workings of the company, like Human Resources and recruitment.

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