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Media Jobs

Media Jobs When you think of media jobs the first things that spring to mind are television, written press and radio, but over the last ten years media companies have been exploring new, growing sectors like new media and internet publishing. Thanks to this, there is a high demand for people to move into new medi...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Teaching Jobs

Teaching Jobs Possibly one of the most rewarding jobs you could ever wish to do, teaching gives you the opportunity to help children and young adults learn and grow, shaping their lives forever. There are many areas of teaching that you can step into, but the main focus for many people is to teach a certain age g...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Programmer Jobs

Programmer Jobs A programmer’s job has been enhanced somewhat over the past few years; with major developments in technology and coding they have become a hugely valued resource in a workplace that is becoming heavily reliant on internet marketing and e-commerce. As a programmer you will be expected to have...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Accounting Jobs

Accounting Jobs The role of an accountant is always expanding, and in recent times many accountants have taken on the mantle of ‘business adviser’ as their knowledge and skills have proved essential for thriving businesses. Some of the tasks accountants take on now don’t just involve finances, t...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Advertising Jobs

Advertising Jobs Advertising is one of the fastest growing markets out there, and this is demonstrated by the number of jobs available in the sector. Even though the recession has hit many companies hard, there is always a need to advertise (even in times of financial worry), and thusly the industry has survived thr...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Workers Can Benefit From Career Breaks

In most cases, career breaks are the preserve of middle-aged professionals keen to take a respite from the rat race they have been on non-stop for at least a couple of decades and enjoy 12 months of golf or globe-trotting. For most people, walking away from a stable job, particularly in the current economic climate, is...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Staying In Touch With The Boss While Away Is Key To A Successful Career

While many of us love our job and enjoy time at the workplace it's likely that, only the keenest jobsworths would check their work emails or voice messages while sunning themselves on a beach on their summer holidays, and many women may be tempted to cut off all communication with their place of work for the total dura...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Workers Reaping The Benefits Of Flexible Working

Not so long ago, the majority of office workers were tied down to a strict regime, compelled to punch in and punch out of their places of work and be visible to their bosses at all times. Fortunately, however, technology and travel industry improvements mean that being close to a place of work is no longer a top prior...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Humility Pays Off In Job Interviews

When it comes to succeeding, determination and a strong sense of faith in one's own abilities can often be just as effective as a finely-polished CV. However, the line between confidence and arrogance can easily be blurred and it is a much safer option to err on the side of caution and pull the reigns in a bit. A firm...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

A Girls Guide To Escaping The Dole Queue

As we women spend most of our lives shopping we are used to long queues, but the dole queue is one line we don’t want to be frittering our time away in. Unemployment is a huge worry in the UK, as a direct result of the recession, with the number of people claiming the dole at around 1.16 million – including...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Switching Career Paths Can Be An Option For All Of Us

Although many of us are lucky enough to have a stable long term job, some are not so fortunate. Whether they have only temporary contracts or in the worst case have been made redundant many people have found themselves without a job. While some see this as a problem others can look past the difficulties and see an oppo...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Not All Dads Can Quit Work

Thanks to a combination of increased government intervention, growing levels of sympathy among employers and the rise of technology enabling employees to work remotely, a significant proportion of women are now able to successfully juggle a career and a young family. However, when it comes to benefiting from flexible ...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Jobseekers Benefit From A Second Language

Many of us have found ourselves sitting in an office reception with three or four other people waiting for the nod to go in for an important job interview. However, how many us of have sat there and realised that although all the people in the room are probably similarly qualified as you are but that one of them has go...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Dress To Impress To Get The X Factor At Job Interviews

Like it or not, when it comes to taking on new staff, employers are all too often looking for someone who fits the part just as much as they are looking for someone with the relevant skills and qualifications. Normal professionals and job-seekers are under pressure to look good, particularly now that the growing popul...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Employability Is Not All About A Degree

The employability of a candidate does not rest entirely on their degree, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). While the REC does not necessarily advocate by-passing formal education, it is urging secondary school pupils to broaden their skills set beyond their undergraduate qualifications. ...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

Recession Could Produce Entrepreneurs

The recession could inspire more people into embarking on entrepreneurial pursuits such as starting their own businesses, one expert has said. According to national enterprise network NFEA, despite the global economic downturn operating a business from home is still a legitimate pursuit and many people are seeing entr...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

Jobs Market Set To Remain Tough

Many of us have found it hard to make ends meet during the recession but most of us have retained our jobs. For those who have been unlucky enough to have been made redundant getting back into employment can be the hardest job of all. The employment market is tough and trading will remain difficult even after the reces...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

Firms Should Explore Talent Pool During Recession

Firms should be exploring the growing talent pool available to them during the recession, one expert has advised. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), now is a good time for firms to reassess who they are hiring and make the most of the increasing number of people looking for work....16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

Home Insurance Vital To Home-Workers

For some of us it is the ideal situation, working from home. It can help save money on travelling costs and childcare. Working from home can give benefits as simple as being able to take deliveries during the day without having to slog down to the post office after work. Or being able to take the dog out for a walk in ...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

Firms 'Turning Blind Eye To Sickness'

Many finance companies are not putting in place procedures to cut down on staff sickness, it has been reported. According to a leading health plan provider, nearly 50 per cent of firms in the industry have not taken measures to put in place a strategy in order to reduce employee absence. It added that this comes as c...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

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