Employer owes me money...complicated

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EmEd1984 | 00:44 Tue 07th Apr 2009 | Jobs
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I worked for someone for 2 years and in mid November, the 3 of us working there had no choice but to leave as we were still waiting to be paid for the previous month and there was no definite answer as to when we could expect it. We have all kept in regular contact with him and have been promised time and time again we would get the 6 weeks owed to us. This has all come to a head recently as the employer is actually a (previous) friend of mine and we have the same circle of friends. Without going into it too much, because of this I know he has had and is getting money from somewhere, but he still hasn't given me what I'm owed. It's obvious now I'm not going to get it from him, is there a way I can somehow claim this back? If he hasn't already declared himself bankrupt he certainly should do. Whilst I wish I could forget about it and get on with my life I'm husband is going on a stag do soon where he will be (he's the best man) and then the wedding where I'm a bridesmaid. The whole thing is a mess and understandably my husband is livid I've been taken for a mug for so long, and it all came to a head tonight. Legally where do I stand with what I'm owed? What would anyone else do in the same situation? I'm stuck as I really don't see an easy way to resolve this, I'm worried sick :( ANY advice or thoughts hugely appreciated x


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You'll have to make a claim via the small claims court. Go to your local courts for the papers you need to fill in and file. You may need to pay a fee, but there are exemptions so check out the fees leaflets too. You can do it yourself, you don't need to do it via a lawyer but it's up to you.
Or a union? Even if you're not a member of one, if you join, a rep should be able to help you.
Or the Job Centre????

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Employer owes me money...complicated

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