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mydogsandme | 17:10 Fri 15th Aug 2008 | Jobs
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My hubby might be made redundant next year and we're toying with the idea of selling on e-bay. Now I know we won't make a fortune-we've sold a few bits and pieces int he past but that's all. Has anyone made a decent amount selling and what are the most lucrative things to sell?


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this is a difficult one to answer, making a �100 profit on an item you sell once a week is not as good as selling 100 items netting you a �2 profit on each, there is just more distribution work when selling in higher volumes.

your main priority is to research markets that have a higher demand for a specific product so when you throw more supply at it, it can be absorbed with you as a new seller.

research a variety of markets and have a range of products you can source to supply these markets.

good luck,
If you are going to sell second hand things it will take a lot of work to earn a living! I have sold a lot of things on e-bay and find it a pain, witing for money, going to the post office, every day to give good service, people not paying and having to relist items, if they don't sell, paying to relist again, I think the best selling things are the new things of good quality, and you have to be able to buy these things at a good price to begin with.
Its ok if you want to earn �10-�20 a week selling your old clothes, but you have to sell a lot for that!
Its easier to go out and work!!

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