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Brum Lady | 17:44 Wed 02nd Apr 2008 | Jobs
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I am thinking of applying for a job at Lidl after being at home for two years following my redundancy. Does anyone know what they are like to work for?


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And their Premium Mayo is superb... a kind of ******* child of mayo and salad cream ;o))

All the peeps I've seen working in there look bloody miserable though!
^^^ '[email protected]@rd' ;o))
Their goods are cheap and cheerful, so I would imagine the wages are too. That said, having been out of work myself for a long time, any job is a good 'un. Besides, it is a fact that you have more chance of getting another job if you are in a job already......says he who joined the Royal Mail twenty years ago for a few months and didn't!. Mind you, half of that was that I was earning a fortune.
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Well, according to their website, they pay �8 ph which is more than Asda pays, I believe.
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Lidl's pay very good wages for high street salaries!

This is because the staff used t have remember the price of everything in the store and used to have to ring it in old fashioned style.

My friend works for them and has dne for 6 years. She moans but don;t we all?
One of my sixth formers has just applied for a Graduate Management scheme with them even before his has been to University!!!!!! So they can't be too bad, given his father wants him to study Bio-Chemistry at Oxford!!
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